My Vision

As your State Senator, I will work every day to represent local families by listening to the unique needs of our communities, building diverse coalitions, and developing common sense solutions that are in line with our core values.



Public schools are the greatest equalizers and the foundation of our democracy.  School is where we first nurture the passion that drives our economy, cures diseases, builds bridges, and creates works of art.


We need to make early learning and high quality childcare more accessible so our youngest learners enter the classroom ready to learn. I will work to protect and improve our great schools so that children of all abilities can thrive and graduate with the skills for a successful transition to adulthood.

I appreciate that dynamic growth of our economy comes with challenges to our quality of life.  I am a working mom who sits in traffic every day.  I want to work with my colleagues on common sense reforms to our transportation system, continued expansion of transit, and thoughtful management of how and where we grow as a region.


I want the Eastside to continue to drive global innovation while still being able to drive to work, school, and community events safely.  That means keeping impaired drivers off our roads and repairing crumbling infrastructure to ensure our roadways are safe.


Health & Safety


Working with victims of domestic violence and their families, I recognized language and cultural barriers that prevent reporting and self-protection in violent situations. In the State Senate I will continue to advocate for policies that reduce violence in our homes and communities.


We can improve public safety, save taxpayer resources, and help people through difficult times by closing the revolving door of jail, homelessness, and crime that impacts too many Veterans and people struggling with mental illness and substance use disorder.  Through innovation and reform, we can continue making progress at the state level in how we address these interrelated challenges, helping people and strengthening communities.

Government works best when there is trust.  To develop trust, government needs to be transparent and held accountable.  We need leaders who are willing to stand up to lobbyists and big corporations when it comes to closing tax breaks that do not help our communities and take on the challenge of improving our regressive tax system that unfairly burdens low and middle income families.


As your Senator I will work to increase government transparency and to close outdated tax loopholes so we can invest in the programs that are important to local families.  By increasing accountability to you, we can secure the funds to support our seniors and veterans, to expand mental health services, and to invest in renewable energies and better protect our environment for our children and grandchildren


We are facing direct attacks on the progress we have made in building a strong economy, a skilled, diverse workforce, great public schools, and the fundamental rights of women and immigrants.  To protect what we cherish here on the Eastside, we need new voices committed to equity and inclusion and that are dedicated to breaking through the partisanship and gridlock that has held us back from reaching our full potential.

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